Some supporters of nuclear energy seem to think that the nuclear industry is losing the debate:

Some of us in the profession and industry have been reaching out to the public on our own, and through the American Nuclear Society’s Public Information Committee. Our efforts are weak compared to the anti-nukes who bring in the professional hit-men from Washington to local events.

It could be said that if arguments for nuclear power are so strong, they should be able to beat even those of ‘professional hit-men’. It’s about the American Nuclear Society’s Public Information Committee’s ability (or lack of it) to present their side of the debate at these local events, isn’t it?

With its ‘multifarious membership composed of approximately 11,000 engineers, scientists, administrators, and educators representing 1,600 plus corporations, educational institutions, and government agencies’, the American Nuclear Society’s Public Information Committee doesn’t sound like your typical underdog.

It does sound, however, like someone could do with a lesson history. The only professional hit-men we can remember being involved in the nuclear debate were the ones hired by the French government to bomb and sink the Rainbow Warrior in 1985. Our Greenpeace colleague Fernando Pereira was killed.