The dispute between the builders of Finland’s OL3 reactor, Areva, and its buyer, utility TVO, rumbles on. TVO are unhappy at the delay in building the plant (it’s three years behind schedule) and Areva are unhappy are what it sees as TVO’s delays in approving documentation.

As we pointed out yesterday, TVO are demanding 2.4 billion euros in compensation for lost electricity sales. Areva CEO Anne Lauvergeon has countered this week with a demand of two billion euros from TVO – that’s 300 million euros than the 1.7 billion euros Areva has currently lost in building OL3.

It’s also been estimated that the reliance on the OL3 project will cost the Finnish public 3.5 billion euros in higher power prices.

OL3, with its third generation EPR design, was supposed to show the world the future of nuclear power. Who knew that future would look like two cats fighting in a sack while the rest of us have to pay a fortune to watch the spectacle?