So, how about this

Indonesia is committed to have a nuclear power plant soon as new source of energy, officials said here on Monday. For the purpose, Indonesia has allocated 7 billion rupiah (about 769,633 U.S. dollars) for nuclear power plant socialization to curb fear among people.

Fear? Socialization? Minister for Research and Technology Suharna Suryapranata ‘admitted that resistance has emerged from various elements of people’. Who’s responsible for this fear and resistance so that there’s a need to ‘socialize’ the people of Indonesia?

Is it maybe the ones contaminating earth and water or stockpiling tonnes of nuclear waste that will still be challenging human ingenuity in hundreds of thousands of years.

How about the one responsible for what British environmentalist Jonathon Porritt calls the ‘near-fraudulent accounting practices endemic within the nuclear industry that continue to blind people to the true economic costs and penalties involved in nuclear power’? If nuclear power was really as safe, clean, cheap and reliable as its supporters insist, there’d be no need to ‘socialize’ anybody.

Think we’re scaremongering? Then tell it to Yukiya Amano. He’s only the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency [] and had this to say for himself this week…

“Member states are considering the introduction of nuclear power plants. […] We cannot exclude accidents. If there are more, we have certain risks.” [...] “We have the problem of nuclear security and nuclear terrorism,” he said. People need to understand that “if such an incident takes place, they will be exposed to radiation.”

Sounds like Mr Amano and his fears need to be ‘socialized’.