Like the rest of us Vermont Yankee is suffering in the current economic climate:

The owner of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant says it will have to wait almost 60 years before it has enough money to decommission the plant. Faced with that lengthy timeline, lawmakers are likely to try again to force Yankee to set aside funds for decommissioning. […] As the stock market has plummeted in recent months, so has the value of the Vermont Yankee decommissioning fund. It's worth around $397 million these days. But the expected cost of decommissioning is around $875 million.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Entergy, Vermont’s owners are going to but the station into ‘Safestore mode’. Nice and comforting that, isn’t it? Vermont will be stored safely. On the banks of the Connecticut River. For 60 years.

We’d like to suggest an advertising slogan for Safestore technology: ‘Giving the responsibility to somebody else.’