Busting Exxon

Charged as world's #1 climate criminal

Feature story - 27 May, 2003
How come we're the ones being arrested and not Exxon/Mobil executives? All we did was disrupt preparations for their annual general meeting, where they'll conduct business as usual. The real crime? Business as usual for ExxonMobil is frying the planet.

Activist tigers head for Exxon headquarters in Irving, Texas. Part of the Global Warming Crimes Unit, they charged Exxon with being climate criminal #1.

The Greenpeace Global Warming Crimes Unit converged on ExxonMobil's compound in Irving, Texas, to charge the oil giant with crimes against the climate. The bust was timed to coincide with the arrival of ExxonMobil's Board of Directors and international executives, gathering from across the world for their Annual General Meeting May 28th.

Greenpeace infiltrators, cleverly disguised in suits and ties, delivered the charges against Exxon executives at about 8 am. Exxon's crimes include sabotage of efforts to address climate change, fraudulently manipulating respected scientific studies and organizations, and lying to the American public, elected officials in the United States and the global community at large.

Greenpeace technical operatives monitored the progress of talks with a hidden briefcase camera which emailed blurry evidence of the lead team's presence inside.

It was then that Team Tiger headed for the roof. Activists dressed in hot, furry costumes in the sweltering Texas sun deployed banners and beamed video of their demands that Exxon do something about Climate change. The video feed failed shortly after security guards were seen scrambling up toward them. (Exxon\Esso has used the tiger in its advertising for many years, and continues to do so despite arresting costumed ones on its roof and threatening the habitats of real ones with its blinkered policies on climate change.)

36 Greenpeace activists were arrested for securing themselves to the main gates, trespassing as tigers, infiltrating Exxon Headquarters, or displaying banners on the roof of the building. News helicopters buzzed overhead, roads were blocked, police turned up with swat equipment and visitors were turned away, despite Exxon claims that the peaceful action "did not disrupt operations" at their corporate headquarters.

You can read more about the charges against Exxon/Mobil/Esso, the activists involved in this action, and what you can do to help, at http://www.dontbuyexxonmobil.org/

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