Climate change: What folks are doing

Feature story - 6 July, 2007
Climate change is a big problem. There are lots of different solutions, and lots of people all working on them in their own ways. Today we're highlighting a few of the things people are doing to play their part.

Solar Generation and members of the local community install a 2.5kw wind turbine at Prathiu primary school.

An easy way to get involved is to sign up for the 7 steps.This gets you seven chances to take real tangible action on climatechange - one email per week for seven weeks with all the tips and toolsyou need. But the 7 steps isn't the only way to help.    

Here are some stories and tips from people here in the office and on the Greenpeace forum about what they're doing...

I added a little sign on my bike: "Climate is changing - how about you?"

It gets people thinking - gosh, this girl is riding her bike, I could do that too.

Granted,in a bike city, it's easier done, but the point is still made prettywell: to counter climate change we have to change our everyday habitstoo.

== juliettelucie

Yesterday,Greenpeace Netherlands delivered 20 tons of coal to Amsterdamheadquarters of the energy company Nuon. It was a "return to sender"message, saying "hey, coal is a dirty business, because burning it willcontribute to climate change, and you guys want to build five newcoal-fired power plants here in the Netherlands!"  

Wedisplayed a banner saying "Help Ons Klimaat - Niet Naar De Kolen!"("Help Our Climate - Don't 'Coal' It Up!").  Twenty tons of coalis a REALLY big pile of coal, so we were arrested for partly blockingthe entrance to Nuon.

== Page

Here are the things I'm doing:

* When oil prices are on the run, driving is no more fun

* When I drive for pleasure, I always think about Mother Nature

* I take the bus to avoid all the fuss

* I dry my clothes outdoors and indoors and I shove the dryer out the door

* I don't turn the lights on if I'm moving on

* Thinking green should be my business because being green is good business

* When I drive one less mile, I end the day with a big smile

That's all folks! Sorry for using only one-liners in my descriptions.

== Chungtfung

listenin's garden....

[Editor's note: Eating food grown closer to home reduces your climatefootprint, and it doesn't get any closer to home than a home garden. ]

I'mhouse sitting for two months.  First thing I did when I moved inwas unplug everything - the microwave, TV, DVD player, stereo, etc. Allthat stuff was on "standby", sucking up electricity without doinganything. Next, I checked all the lights for energy wasting(incandescent) lightbulbs.  :)  

== Andrew

Mylast hot water heater was 16 years old, and was really not working well(I never really looked forward to a supposed 'hot' shower in themorning that in reality ran hot and cold all the time!). It was alsoincredibly inefficient, wasting lots of energy. When I went to replaceit I asked my local gasfitter which model was the most efficient, andhe recommended a high-efficiency condensing boiler system. Then Ichecked with a friend who's knowledgeable on energy efficiency, and hesaid that it was a sound investment.

The model I wanted costextra up front, but it'll pay for itself in savings on my gas bill andnow when I take a shower it's constant hot water.  And I cut mygreenhouse gas emissions too.

Someday, I'll have a passive solarheater on the roof, which will work with the new heater to cut down onmy gas use even more. I already buy green electricity (from windpower), and now that I'll be using less natural gas to heat my houseand hot water, that will be a further reduction of my carbon footprint.

== Gavin

Idon't have a car. I don't even have a license. Even my dog is a big fanof public transportation. He loves trams and trains.  

That and I'm an energy efficient vegan with a dawning CFL fetish.

== Tanja

ActuallyI have a funny story for you. I went and had a talk to my locallightbulb seller. She runs a little hardware story near my home.  

Iasked her if she new about coloured compact florescent lightbulbs, andshe told me they do not exist!  Of course they do exist and I toldher this - she was interested because coloured lightbulbs are verypopular in our area. (I happen to live in the "red light" district inHamburg, so this makes a lot of sense.)

In the end, she was notcompletely convinced about how important it is - even though I told herthat CFLs are up to five times more efficient than regularlightbulbs.  But we had a good conversation and she promised tolook more into it.

==  Nina

Alongwith a couple of other guys, I'm in charge of organizing the firstsustainable concert in Spain : P  Well, I don't think we willactually manage to make it sustainable but we will provide about 50percent of the necessary energy with solar batteries.

== ursula

Currently I'm bullying my dad into installing double glazing.

== sturmovic

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