Farming Solutions website launched

Website shows food security is possible today, using environmentally sound methods.

Feature story - 8 April, 2002
Farming Solutions is a new web site that shows how the world can combat hunger and achieve food security using environmentally-sound farming practises that are available now, but are too-often overlooked.

Traditional farming methods support biodiversity.

Farming Solutions is a website jointly created by Greenpeace, Oxfam and ILEIA. It demonstrates how food security and sustainable livelihoods can be achieved across the globe by innovative and environmentally responsible farming systems. The site shows how today's farmers can encourage biodiversity, retain a rich, natural soil base, maintain clean water and foster human health.

Change must happen on a global level. Using about 70 examples drawn from every region of the world, the site shows that sustainable farming systems are not a luxury. Rather, they are the most effective means to combat hunger. Nutritious, high-yielding crops that often control pests through natural means are already being produced. But lack of political will and the influence of the powerful agro-chemical industry means these preferred solutions have been neglected. This, even though these practises are directly relevant to resolving many of the problems of hunger and food security.

The site provides factual information about world hunger, the crisis in food production and the future of agriculture. It offers key data for every country in the world and provides links to related sites and sources.

Farming Solutions encourages debate on changing agricultural practices in both South and North to protect the environment and increase crop yield. Farmers are encouraged to present their problems and solutions on the website, offering an opportunity to share their hands-on experience. Scientists, consumers and regulators are also invited to share their observations and opinions. Greenpeace, Oxfam and ILEIA are using the site to give experts and consumers an opportunity to take part in a discussion that affects us all.

Farming Solutions website