Greek Prime Minister goes partly solar

Feature story - 2 December, 2005
Faced with a Greek Prime Minister who wasn't taking any action on renewable energy, we announced we would install solar panels on the Prime Minister house. Suddenly the Prime Minister sprung in to action and announced the installation of solar panels on his house, the Presidential residence and the building of the Parliament.

One happy Greek hotel owner with solar panels. Will the Greek government introduce a law to make this a common sight?

We launched an open bid contest, calling private companies to bid forthe installation of solar panels on the Prime Minister's residence. Wewould then buy and install the solar systems on the roof of thebuilding as a protest for the lack of legislation to promote renewableenergy in Greece.

As a result of the open bid contest Prime Minister KonstantinosKaramanlis officially announced that he would install solar panels, notonly on his residence, but on the Presidential residence and the GreekParliament building as well.

Greenpeace Energy campaigner Dimitris Ibrahim said, "We congratulateMr. Karamanlis for his immediate reaction and welcome his decision toinstall solar systems on these three buildings. However, his decisionwill only produce clean energy for one President, one Prime Ministerand 300 MPs, while the rest of the eleven million Greek citizens willstill have to depend on fossil fuels due to the lack of incentives. Weneed a new law that will provide clean, cheap energy for all".

Currently Greece depends on dirty fossil fuels for 97 percent ofelectricity production, although there is a commitment of 20.1 percentelectricity production from renewable energy by 2010.

It is scandal that a country as sunny as Greece lacks of any properlegislation capable enough to promote solar energy, and other renewableenergy sources.

The installation of solar panels on the PM's residence is part of aseries of events and activities pushing for clean renewable energyrevolution in Greece.

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