Shining a light on Monsanto's shadowy lobbying

GE-giant targeted at headquarters in Brussels

Feature story - 22 May, 2003
Monsanto's European/African Headquarters in Brussels were occupied by activists who want the world's leading producer of genetically modified crops held responsible for spreading genetic contamination.

Activists occupy the Monsanto's European/African headquaters.

"We challenge Monsanto to step out of the shadows from where it is calling the shots. Monsanto's crops are the major source of genetic contamination in conventional and organic crops not only in Europe but also in Brazil, Canada and India. With the WTO, the US administration is now openly fighting for Monsanto's interest," said Eric Gall, GMO Policy Advisor for the Greenpeace European Unit.

The EU agriculture ministers are set to meet in Brussels next week to discuss genetic contamination on conventional and organic crops, the so-called "co-existence" issue. The current proposal from the European Commission fails to protect both the environment and the interests of non-GM farmers and consumers. The EU commission proposal is at odds with both the precautionary principle and the polluter pays principle.

"The current European Commission co-existence proposal is utterly unacceptable," said Gall.

"It must be the GMO producers such as Monsanto, not organic and conventional farmers or the European taxpayers, that should bear the economic burden of genetic pollution and measures required to prevent it."