Plastics industry loses out

Feature story - 20 February, 2003
Many companies, when challenged by us, seek to silence questions through the court rather than provide answers. Production and use of the plastic, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is harmful to people and the environment in many ways. Two of Europe's biggest PVC producers sued Greenpeace in Italy for US$300 million rather face up to the problems of PVC. They lost.

Action at Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair '99, against use of PVC in toys.

When chemicals companies Solvay and EVC decided to sue us in 1997, they were following in a long corporate tradition of using money and the courts to silence critics. British Nuclear Fuels have been doing it for years, Exxon(Esso) sets lawyers on anyone daring to claim it is helping fry the planet and Dow Chemical seems to enjoy picking on penniless protestors.

Solvay and EVC were suing over our campaign to prevent poisonous PVC plastic being used in children's toys. Many toy manufactures removed PVC from their products and subsequently PVC was banned from toys in most of Europe. However the industry was obviously unwilling to accept that they had lost the argument. In Italy the two companies sued us for damage to their image, reputation and for illegal claims. They also maintained "production of PVC and PVC products do not harm the environment".

However the judge threw out all claims of the industry and ordered the companies to pay the legal costs. Maybe next time the companies might listen a little better to the voices of environmental concern? We are not holding our breath though. We will continue to make sure irresponsible corporations can not hide their corporate crimes.

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