Copy paper and ancient forests

Why you should become a Forest Guardian

Feature story - 3 December, 2003
Three hundred year old trees logged to make paper? Yes, it happens all the time, but it doesn't have to. Ecologically sound alternatives are there for the choosing. The Forest Guardians paper project is about advocating for these choices - for individuals, companies and governments. Forest Guardians choose their own roles, how they want to participate, and take action for the forests. They also share ideas, inspiration and information with their fellow Forest Guardians.

Logging in Finland.

This morning we launched the copy paper project at a press conference in Helsinki, Finland. Why Finland? As Matti Liimatainen, our forests campaigner in Finland explained it, "Only five percent of the forests left [in Finland] are still considered old growth forests, and only half of this five percent is protected."

What is happening to the other unprotected half? Despite the fact that many species and indigenous and Finnish reindeer herders depend on these ancient boreal forests for their survival they continue to be logged. And paper production is a major driving force behind this unnecessary path of destruction.

To change this, we need to send a message back up the supply chain. If we put pressure on copy paper brands at the retail level, they will pressure their suppliers and the paper mills. Already, there is movement in the market towards ancient forest friendly paper. As a consumer and a Forest Guardian, you can help this movement grow. Logging practices will naturally adapt to consumer demand.

In this way, it is ultimately we, all of us, that have the power to save the last ancient forests.

Messengers, activists, creative-teks and sentinels are wanted at:

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