Trading Away Our Oceans

Feature story - 22 January, 2007
Last Friday, we released our report Trading Away Our Oceans. At 74 pages, the report turned out to be weighty. But its message is simple: trade liberalization is bad for fish and for communities dependent on fish.

Frozen tuna at fishmarkets, Tokyo.

We didn't make this up. The report uses available data from official bodies such as the OECD and the EU. Looking at these figures it's obvious that  trade liberalization of fisheries would lead to more over-fishing and would undermine food security in developing countries.

The paper shows howfurther liberalization will speed up the pace of over-fishing, furtherincrease unsustainable aquaculture production, and have generallydevastating consequences for fish, the wider marine environment,developing countries and the one billion poor people worldwide whodepend on fish as their primary source of protein. The evidence forthis from case studies and projections carried out by differentorganizations is overwhelming.

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