Flotilla intercepts nuclear freighters in the dead of night

Press release - 21 July, 2002

As predicted by Greenpeace and the Nuclear Free Seas Flotilla the two armed UK nuclear freighters are sneaking through the flotilla protest line between Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands. When darkness fell the nuclear freighters sped up to push through at midnight local time under the cover of night.

The flotilla was positioned in international waters when the Pacific Pintail and Pacific Teal were picked up on radar sneaking through the protest line between the SV Tiama and Fio-oko.

The Nuclear Free Seas Flotilla has launched an inflatable and is shadowing the ship to deliver its message of protest. On board is Ian Cohen, upper house member of the New South Wales Parliament.

"The fact that these freighters are pushing through us in the dead of the night shows that they are humiliated by our presence. We may only be 10 boats but we carry the wishes and demands of millions of people, who want an end to the monstrous nuclear industry worldwide. We're now going to make sure that they get our message loud and clear," said Henk Haazen of the Nuclear Free Seas Flotilla.