Global protest against ExxonMobil expands across USA

Press release - 19 October, 2002

Greenpeace activists shut down a Mobil station today in the heart of Beverly Hills just minutes after shutting down a station in Manhattan. Protestors peacefully chained themselves to gas pumps at both locations and dropped a banner that read

As final preparations for global talks on how to address climate change are made in India this week, the groundswell of protest against oil giant ExxonMobil's, expanded across the USA, the company's home base.

10 Greenpeace volunteers were arrested after shutting down a New York Exxon petrol station by chaining themselves to the pumps and unfurling a banner reading "Stop Global Warming, Don't Buy ExxonMobil" from a nearby building. A similar protest took place simultaneously in Los Angeles.

"We are here today with a simple message - don't buy ExxonMobil products until they stop interfering with government action on global warming," said Melanie Duchin, Greenpeace Climate Campaigner. "It's time for concerned citizens to use the power of their wallets to force the world's number global warming villain to change its ways."

Greenpeace has documented ExxonMobil's efforts to prevent action on global warming in a report entitled "Denial and Deception: A Chronicle of ExxonMobil's Corruption of the Global Warming Debate." Despite multiple appeals from Greenpeace and others, the company has refused to change its policy, using its huge resources to influence top politicians, like President Bush, in an effort to stifle US action on global warming.

"Greenpeace has launched an international campaign against ExxonMobil that will continue until the company stops sabotaging government action on global warming, and agrees to support mandatory reductions in global warming pollution," said Stephanie Tunmore, Greenpeace International Climate Campaigner. "In Europe and elsewhere, ExxonMobil is already feeling the heat from Greenpeace and consumers - now the campaign is being ramped up in the United States."

The world's governments - except the USA - will meet in India from 23Oct - 1st Nov for the next round of talks about the Kyoto Protocol.

"The Kyoto Protocol is the only international agreement that addresses climate change and it is doing so without the USA - the world's single biggest greenhouse gas polluter" said Tunmore. "Pressure from ExxonMobil is one of the reasons why President Bush refuses to ratify the Protocol. If we are to protect the climate, we have to stop ExxonMobil. "

The Greenpeace protests were part of a national day of action against ExxonMobil held by environmental, human rights and pro-democracy groups that saw peaceful demonstrations at 50 sites across the USA.

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