'Picture of Innocence'

1250 Greenpeace supporters create human picture protest on Miami Beach, USA

Press release - 17 January, 2004
Over a thousand people gathered today on South Beach, Miami to create a massive 'human art' image in creative protest against the unprecedented prosecution of Greenpeace by the U.S Administration. Supporters of the international environmental organization gathered Saturday afternoon in support of the 'Endangered Forests, Endangered Freedom' campaign, replicating the 1950s Picasso work of art, of a dove flying past a jailed man.

Supporters of the international environmental organization, Greenpeace, recreated Pablo Picasso's

The event, the largest of its scale to take place in the Miami area,

comes as Greenpeace U.S.A faces a serious federal indictment in South

Florida, following a protest against the importation of illegal mahogany

from the Brazilian Amazon in April 2002. Activists boarded the timber

ship as part of the organisations on-going campaign to save the world's

forests from destructive logging, work that continues despite the

extraordinary prosecution.

The federal government has levelled charges under an obscure 1872 law

originally intended to prevent "sailor-mongering"; a law only enacted

twice since entering into force, most recently in 1890. The indictment

clearly demonstrates the Bush administration's desire to silence

Greenpeace, long a vocal critic of the administration and some of its


"This is a chance for the people of Miami to show their support for

Greenpeace, and to creatively protest the Bush administration's decision

to silence its critics," said Ginger Cassady, Greenpeace campaigner in

Miami. "The hundreds of people gathered here today represent the desire

of people all across the world who are willing to take a stand for the

world's forests and for the right of citizens and Greenpeace alike to

peacefully protest," affirmed Cassady.

Many high profile groups and individuals have condemned the prosecution

and are supporting the Greenpeace campaign against the continuing

destruction of our endangered forests, and the increasing erosion of the

American public's endangered freedoms; including the American Civil

Liberties Union, the National Resource Defense Council and former vice

president Al Gore