Greenpeace “thanks” P&G for forest destruction as protest takes place at company’s HQ

Press release - 4 March, 2014
Cincinnati, 4 March 2014 – Greenpeace released a spoof video of Procter & Gamble’s 'Thank You Mom' advertisement showing how deforestation for palm oil is orphaning orangutans in Indonesia. Greenpeace USA activists also took action today at P&G’s global headquarters in a protest with a ‘tiger’ hanging from a zip line between the company’s two iconic buildings.

“P&G is buying palm oil linked to rainforest destruction to make every day products like Head & Shoulders. Rainforest destruction is endangering species like the Sumatran tiger and orangutan. P&G should become a proud sponsor of rainforests and immediately commit to No Deforestation,” said Joao Talocchi, Greenpeace USA forest campaigner.

The nine activists involved in the protest, one of whom dressed in a tiger costume while hanging from the zipline, unfurled two 18-metre banners from the buildings with the message “Head & Shoulders: Stop Putting Tiger Survival on the Line” and “Head & Shoulders: Wipes out Dandruff & Rainforests”.

“It’s time P&G stop pretending their palm oil is guaranteed ‘sustainable’ and set a policy that goes beyond the current weak standards they rely on. If other big companies like Nestlé, Unilever, and L’Oreal can commit to No Deforestation, then so can P&G,” said Areeba Hamid, Greenpeace International forest campaigner.

P&G’s Thank You Mom campaign celebrates the role mothers play in raising Olympic champions, but Greenpeace is challenging the company on the role they are playing in destroying the forest homes of animals.

“While Procter & Gamble advertises about motherhood, companies that produce palm oil for P&G have been making orphans out of orangutans. Together, we can get P&G to commit to only using forest-friendly palm oil,” said Areeba Hamid.

Controversial palm oil producers in P&G’s supply chain have been linked to orangutan deaths, orangutan habitat clearance and their weak sourcing policies expose consumers to tiger habitat clearance and illegal forest fires. Since Greenpeace revealed the findings from a yearlong investigation, P&G has claimed to be committed to 'sustainable' practices.

Greenpeace has been confronting P&G over the last eight months with how they are exposing consumers to forest destruction, but they have not responded with a No Deforestation commitment and have, instead, been deleting comments criticizing their inaction on their social media platforms in Brazil and Philippines.

Indonesia's forests are disappearing at a rate of more than nine Olympic swimming pools every minute, with forest destruction for palm oil the biggest driver. Greenpeace believes palm oil can be grown responsibly, but companies like P&G must first commit to No Deforestation.

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