Greenpeace responds to Ban Ki-Moon Paris Agreement ratification ceremony

Press release - 21 September, 2016
New York, 21 September 2016 - The historic Paris Agreement, adopted last December, passed another milestone today with a formal ratification by 31 countries at the UN in New York.

With 60 countries representing 47.62% of global emissions now on board, the Paris Agreement has passed one of the two thresholds required for its entry into force. The other threshold looks very likely to be passed later this year.

Global Climate Policy Leader for Greenpeace Nordic, Kaisa Kosonen, said:

“Countries on the vanguard of rapidly bringing the Agreement into force include the world’s biggest polluters, as well as those that are most at risk. This shows how climate change unites us all, and so must our response.

“Signing papers is the easy bit, but as it stands, current targets won’t reach the Paris Agreement’s goals. We must start phasing out fossil fuels and move the world to a new and safe energy system without any delay. We must also ensure that those already facing the impacts of climate change are supported and protected.”



Kaisa Kosonen, Global Climate Policy Leader, Greenpeace Nordic, .
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