Greenpeace urges G19 to go above and beyond Paris climate deal

Press release - 7 July, 2017
Hamburg, 7 July 2017 – As G20 leaders arrive in Hamburg for a two-day summit where climate change will be high on the agenda, Greenpeace International Executive Director Jennifer Morgan made the following statement:

“Trump’s decision to renege on the Paris agreement has made a strong joint G20-declaration on climate impossible. Merkel, as the G20 host, must not sacrifice ambition for unity. Instead, we need a G19 commitment to climate action that demonstrates the intent to implement and even go beyond what 195 nations agreed to in Paris.

“The G19 has the responsibility to signal to the world the need for greater ambition. This is the moment for the G19 to show solidarity with people from around the world, including the US mayors, governors and CEOs who are committed to climate action, and to demonstrate that the transformation to the zero carbon economy is as irreversible as the Paris agreement.”

Greenpeace Germany Executive Director Sweelin Heuss added:

“If Chancellor Merkel is serious about her pledge that Germany must do more to combat climate change, the first thing she needs to do is announce the start of a socially just coal phase-out. Germany’s continued use of coal is Merkel’s dirty secret and as G20 host, the chancellor has the responsibility to come clean.

“Global climate action means we must stop burning coal. We need a fair and just global phase out which respects workers and the environment. Merkel can lead the G19 climate commitment by signalling the end of Germany’s reliance on coal.”

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