APP's Forest Conservation Policy

Publication - 29 October, 2013
In February 2013 Greenpeace suspended active campaigning against Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) following the announcement of APP's Forest Conservation Policy (FCP), which includes an immediate moratorium on all further forest clearance by all of its Indonesian suppliers while independent assessments are conducted to establish areas for protection.

Greenpeace believes that nine months in, APP is serious about its Forest Conservation Policy and its key senior staff are genuinely committed to driving the delivery of these new commitments. However, Greenpeace International's progress review recommends that APP’s commitment is likely to stand or fall depending on the quality of recommendations from external assessors, and if they stand up to scrutiny and are fully implemented.

Greenpeace cautions that any company intending to resume any trade with APP must apply strict conditions to commercial contracts requiring continued progress be made against the policy and the outstanding policy issues in Greenpeace’s review.

APP's Forest Conservation Policy, Progress Review - October 2013