JBS Scorecard

Publication - 26 June, 2012
JBS Scorecard Summary Update
 UPDATE: December 19, 2012
 JBS recommits to Cattle Agreement in the Amazon

JBS is recommitting to its promises made in the Cattle Agreement of 2009 to help fight Amazon destruction.JBS has finally published an audit of its supply systems and a work plan to ensure it delivers on the outstanding commitments within the Cattle Agreement.

 The work plan reaffirms the objectives of the Cattle Agreement, outlining methodology, dates and the publication of annual audits. JBS has made the workplan available on their site.

Greenpeace has resumed dialogue with JBS, agreed on next steps  and the legal action launched against Greenpeace Brazil withdrawn – all as part of an effort for the slaughterhouse to re-engage and fulfill its commitments as part of the Cattle Agreement.

Learn more about JBS recommitting to the Cattle Agreement.