Greenpeace Scorecard on Palm Oil Producers

Publication - 29 October, 2012
The Palm Oil Producers' scorecard gives an overview of where palm oil producers stand, based on a Greenpeace International review of the steps some of the world's biggest palm oil producers have taken so far to limit their impact on forests and peatlands.

Existing initiatives to try and break the link between deforestation and palm oil are not yet achieving this result. If the expansion in the production of palm oil continues without further environmental protection measures, it will result in the further destruction of large parts of Indonesia's last remaining forests and peatlands. This will deprive forest communities of their livelihood and culture, cause even greater loss of biodiversity, and release even more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Greenpeace is calling on palm oil producers and consumers to work together to finally break the link between palm oil expansion and deforestation. This can be achieved by strengthening forest and peatland protection commitments, and putting them into action.

Greenpeace is providing the latest information on the policies of palm oil producers so that consumer companies can take these into account when they purchase palm oil.

Download the Scorecard on Palm Oil Producers

Download the Full Table of Palm Oil Producer Company Responses