Broken Promises

Publication - 19 October, 2011
How the cattle industry in the Amazon is still connected to deforestation, slave labour and invasion of indigenous land.

Following a three-year investigation, Greenpeace published a report in 2009 that revealed the cattle sector’s role as the key driver of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. 'Slaughtering the Amazon' shows how national and international companies unwittingly participate in this destruction. The three largest companies processing meat and tanned leather in Brazil -JBS/Friboi, Minerva and Marfrig - signed a public agreement in October 2009 committing to no longer purchase cattle from ranches that have recently deforested or that are located on indigenous lands.

Just two years later, Greenpeace analyzed government trade data from the Amazonian state of Mato Grosso and found that the supply chain of the largest of these companies, despite its commitments, still has connections to illegal deforestation, slave labour and invasion of indigenous landI.

In this publication, we present cases where JBS purchased cattle from properties in contravention of their agreement: properties situated within indigenous lands, on the slave labour blacklist compiled by the Labour Ministry or embargoed by IBAMA, which have supplied cattle to JBS from January 2011 to May 2011.

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