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Cool IT Leaderboard 3

Publication - 4 May, 2010
Greenpeace's Cool IT Challenge calls on leading Information Technology (IT) companies to be champions in the fight to stop climate change. The IT sector possesses the innovative spirit, technological know-how, and political influence to bring about a rapid clean energy revolution. The IT industry must boldly step out in front of older, entrenched energy companies to develop a robust business model that helps the world achieve critical emissions reductions — a win-win for the IT industry as it pioneers a global shift to a clean energy economy.

Companies such as Google, IBM and Microsoft have already redefined many parts of the global economy with business that emphasizes rapid innovation, iteration and unprecedented gains in productivity. These companies must now apply their strengths to offer cutting edge, technological solutions that can rapidly achieve the significant reductions in global warming pollution that scientists tell us are needed in order to avoid the worst effects of climate change, while simultaneously boosting economic prosperity.

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