The Greenpeace Climate Vision
Background Note No. 2 - Deforestation

Publication - 27 May, 2009
Background documentation supporting the Greenpeace Climate Vision.

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Executive summary: The Greenpeace Climate Vision's Zero Emissions Pathway for the forest sector builds further upon Greenpeace’s demands for zero deforestation. It is based, therefore, on the potential to bring deforestation to an end by 2015 and thus ensure we can bring emissions from the forest sector down to zero long before 2050. There are three main strands of action that will enable the world to achieve zero deforestation:

- massive funding should be made available to developing countries in order to increase their capacity to manage and monitor their forests, as well as to develop economic alternatives to further destruction of tropical forests;

- measures should be taken in all countries to eliminate deforestation by increasing forest protection, promoting environmentally-responsible management of forests, banning unsustainable logging, and by reducing pressure on forests for firewood and/or agricultural expansion;

- measures should be taken, in particular in industrialised countries, to change consumption patterns, in order to reduce the consumption of forest products such as wood and paper, and to eliminate the consumption of products from destructive forest practices.

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