IWC 63

63rd Meeting of the International Whaling Commission

Publication - 9 July, 2011
The 63rd meeting of the International Whaling Commission will take place on the island of Jersey in the English Channel. Greenpeace is opposed to all commercial whaling in all of the world's oceans and believes that the IWC should be modernized and made more transparent so that it can concentrate on effectively protecting the world’s whale populations.

A detailed briefing, by agenda point, of Greenpeace's positions at IWC63 can be found here.

Greater Transparency

Greenpeace is in support of the UK government's proposal to increase transparency of the IWC. By becoming more transparent and in-line with 21st century multilateral environmental negotiations, the IWC will become more effective at protecting whales.

The Tokyo Two Trial

The appeal verdict of Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki, two Greenpeace activists who over three years ago exposed an embezzlement scandal inside Japan's whaling programme will be heard in Japan on 12 July 2011, the second day of IWC 63. For years, Greenpeace has been calling for an investigation into Sato and Suzuki's evidence-based claims. Read more about the Tokyo Two trial here or watch the live web-stream (with live English translation)  of the verdict press briefing here on Tuesday 12 July at 0930 CET here.

Greenpeace Executive Director Junichi Sato, one of the "Tokyo Two," enters the High Court past a banner which reads in Japanese 'We can not concede our right to know', at the appeal hearing in Sendai, Japan on 24 May. © Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert / Greenpeace

UPDATE: The Sendai High Court has upheld the Tokyo Two's September 2010 conviction. Read more here.

Arctic Oil Exploration

The polar oceans are home to a significant proportion of the world's whale populations. Energy exploration in the Arctic region can have many disastrous impacts, including on the whale species and other wildlife that live there. Greenpeace is urging the IWC to further investigate the impacts of the race for Arctic oil on whales as part of its global campaign to save the Arctic and encourage leaders to go beyond oil. Read a more detailed briefing here.

IWC Blogs

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Media Information

Greenpeace media statement on the opening of IWC63 can be found here, and one on the closing of IWC63 can be found here.

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