Open Letter to Mohamed ElBaradei

Publication - 2 March, 2009
The open letter addressed to Mohamed ElBaradei, IAEADirector General. The letter is signed by representatives of GreenpeaceInternational (The Netherlands), Citizens Nuclear Information Center(Japan) and Green Action (Japan).

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Executive summary: The letter contains an urgent warning that the French state nuclearcompany, Areva, is actively denyingthe proliferation risks posed by reactor-grade plutonium contained inMixed Oxide Fuel. In view of the upcoming shipment of approximately 1.8metric tons of plutonium in MOX fuel from France to Japan, scheduled forMarch 6th 2009, the letter urges the IAEA to prevent this dangerouscargo from leaving France and remind Areva and the governments involvedof the security risks their nuclear programs pose to the world.

Num. pages: 4 pages