Taking Tuna Out of the Can 4th Edition

April 2010

Publication - 4 May, 2010
Retailers’ Roles in Rescuing the World’s Favourite Fish.

Global tuna stocks are in big trouble. Tuna is one of the world’s favourite fish, the staple protein in the diet of millions, and the fish at the core of the luxury sashimi market. Perhaps the best known example is bluefin tuna. Since industrial-scale fishing of bluefin tuna began in the 1950s, the biomass of southern bluefin tuna (South Pacific ocean) has been reduced by some 95%1 and the species was listed as endangered by the IUCN in 19962. For bluefin tuna harvested in the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea, the most recent assessment (2008)showed the breeding stock of the eastern bluefin tuna population had declined from slightly above 300,000 tonnes in 1955 to just 78,700 tonnes in 2007.

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