Tinned Tuna & Fish Aggregation Devices

Publication - 17 November, 2010
Greenpeace report on genetic testing of tinned tuna from around the world, showing how tuna is being mixed following the unsustainable use of fish aggregation devices.

This is a collection of reports into the use of FADs (fish aggregation devices), as well as a 2010 report commissioned by Greenpeace, into the genetic content of several international brands of tinned tuna.

Briefing Paper: Genetic testing on tinned and pouched tuna products (pdf)

Independent genetic testing report on tinned tuna by AZTI-Tecnalia (pdf)

Note from AZTI-Tecnalia: Analytical results performed by AZTI-Tecnalia under its patented method for discrimination of Thunuus obesus and Thunnus albacares. AZTI has not participated on the sample collection and the design of the experiment and is not responsible for the use of the results delivered, or any information derived from its analysis and interpretation.

A Growing Fad: Fish Aggregation Devices (pdf)

Fish Aggregation Devices: No More Excuses (pdf)