High Seas Enclaves of the Western and Central Pacific

Publication - 29 September, 2009
A Greenpeace Briefing to the CBD, 29 September – 2 October 2009, Ottawa, Canada

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Executive summary: This Briefing is intended to inform delegates to the CBD Expert Workshop of 29 September – 2 October 2009 about four high seas enclaves in the Western and Central Pacific Region (WCPR). Available scientific information is summarised to demonstrate the ways in which the selected areas meet the CBD criteria for ecologically and biologically significant marine areas. This briefing will also discuss the challenges of applying the criteria to areas for which limited information is available.This briefing summarises the findings of a technical report on proposed Marine Reserves in the WCPR that explores in greater detail the biological and ecological characteristics of these areas (available at: www.greenpeace.to/publications/Pacific-CBD-report-August-2009.pdf).

Num. pages: 7