Guide to Greener Electronics - Sony, January 2010

Publication - 7 January, 2010
The 14th (January 2010) Guide to Greener Electronics assessment of Sony.

Executive summary: Sony moves up from 8th place to 7th, tying with Motorola and Samsung with the same overall score of 5.1. It gains a point for reporting absolute cuts in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, down 17 percent over the 8 year period 2000-2008. Renewable energy now accounts for 8 percent of the total amount of energy purchased globally each year, up from 2.5 percent a year ago. Sony also scores points for disclosing externally verified greenhouse gas emissions from its own operations. On the energy efficiency of its products, Sony reports that 75 percent of VAIO PCs released between April and August 2009 meet the latest ES requirements. The AC adapter released in financial year 2009 meets Energy Star v.2.0 standards. All new models of TVs released in the US comply with the latest Energy Star standards, and 78percent exceed it by 15 percent or more.

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