Spoptlight on the illegal timber trade in Cameroon

Publication - 18 June, 2000
The remaining large ancient forests of West Africa are under threat. Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast have already lost almost all of their natural forest. Liberia is the only west African country where large areas of ancient forest remain. But since the end of the war in 1997, foreign logging companies have been rapidly destroying vast forest areas, operating in an environment of almost total lawlessness. In Central Africa, where large areas of relatively intact forests still remain, destructive logging operations are now expanding rapidly into the heart of the Congo Basin – an area famous for its rich biological and cultural diversity. Most logging operations in this region are highly destructive and a significant proportion are illegal, with corruption and the violation of indigenous peoples' rights widespread. Despite claims to the contrary by the G8 governments, a substantial part of the trade in illegal timber is fuelled by demand from the international market. Greenpeace is calling on all governments to stop their role in this trade.

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