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Has NZ lost its diplomacy mojo?

Blog entry by Geoff Keey | December 1, 2009

After watching events unfold with the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), I’m starting to wonder whether New Zealand has lost its foreign policy mojo.   First we had the bizarre comments from Foreign Affairs Minister...

Climate failings funny for only so long

Blog entry by Geoff Keey | November 26, 2009

I've been trying to understand why Prime Minister John Key is so reluctant to go to the UN climate talks in Copenhagen.  He has offered a range of excuses and they simply don't stack up.  The latest one seems to be that there'll be no...

Fonterra Protest today at 12:30

Blog entry by nick | November 24, 2009

Join GREENPEACE outside the Fonterra HQ in Auckland for a peaceful protest against the dairy giant’s climate crimes. Weeks out from the Copenhagen international climate talks, Fonterra’s influence is still stopping John Key and the NZ...

Lucy Lawless warms up in the shower for Planet A

Blog entry by Kathy Cumming | November 24, 2009

Full steam ahead for Planet A March and Concert!

Lucy Lawless and Jim Salinger offer Key Copenhagen cash

Blog entry by Kathy Cumming | November 18, 2009

Our fearless ambassadors travelled the Capital today, to gift the Prime Minister nearly $5,000 fundraised through the Key to Copenhagen project. Lucy Lawless and Jim Salinger rocked up to Parliament, with a giant Copenhagen boarding...

Love letters to the future

Blog entry by Nick Young | November 11, 2009

Imagine that you could write a love letter to the future - what would it say? Future generations will be living with the consequences of whatever action we take - or do not take - on climate change, would you send them messages of...

Planet A march and concert

Blog entry by nick | November 9, 2009

A damn fine scotch

Blog entry by Geoff Keey | November 5, 2009

Scotland has adopted a 42% climate change target. That, and a wee rumour of free whisky, encouraged me to attend a side event organised by the Scottish Government. Unfortunately there wasn’t any free whisky, but I did learn a lot...

Update on negotiation deadlock

Blog entry by Geoff Keey | November 4, 2009

Kyoto Protocol negotiations will resume tomorrow after intense negotiations behind closed doors following yesterday's crisis.   The African group has been meeting with developed countries late into the night, also going public stating...

The Road to Copenhagen (East Coast styles)

Blog entry by Kathy Cumming | October 30, 2009

One to watch - 350 video

Blog entry by Kathy Cumming | October 29, 2009

Climate emergency in Devonport

Blog entry by Simon Norrie | October 28, 2009

On the 350 International Day of Climate Action on Saturday, Greenpeace volunteers and other organisations joined together at Windsor Park in Devonport on Auckland's North Shore, to support strong climate action. Our theme - a climate...

350 Day of Action roundup

Blog entry by Kathy Cumming | October 27, 2009

It was the biggest day of climate action in history- 5,200 actions in 181 countries; from Tunisia to Lisbon, from Sydney to Kenya, from the top of mountains to village slums, from churches to ski fields. Coordinated by 350.org , the...

UK: The case for coal crumbles

Blog entry by nick | October 13, 2009

How do you measure success? Many times, it’s difficult to point to one specific moment when a campaign delivers a big moment that demonstrates, beyond any doubt, that you've succeeded. Well, our thanks go to E.ON for providing that...

Keisha & Rhys push cut-price bangers - $500 raised

Blog entry by Kathy Cumming | October 12, 2009

“Yes! We have cooked sausage!” So spoke the self-proclaimed BBQ King himself, as he raised the first cooked snarler aloft. Rhys Darby’s bangers were officially ready and the crowd that had gathered could finally sink its teeth into...

Baked goods in the Garden City

Blog entry by Daniel Marrow | October 12, 2009

We had a great response from Cantabrians yesterday with our cute little fundraiser to help get Key get to Copenhagen. It’s more than embarrassing to tell people that our elected leader doesn't think the future of life on this planet as...

Bangers and cash

Blog entry by Kathy Cumming | October 9, 2009

Dust off your tongs, bangers, cupcakes and koha buckets- it's time to get Key to Copenhagen! Tomorrow we launch a very important part of the Sign On campaign - a fundraising drive help John Key get to the most crucial meeting in...

Marches and fossils – an update from Bangkok

Blog entry by Geoff Keey | October 7, 2009

New Zealand has once more been awarded Fossil of the Day at the UN climate talks in Bangkok (honestly, blogging on this would be getting boring if it wasn’t so depressing).  Third place this time.  The reason why New Zealand got a...

Polar bear builds Auckland fan base

Blog entry by Falk Hermenau | October 5, 2009

Another busy weekend out on the mean streets of Auckland for the Sign On team.....

NZ, forever fossil

Blog entry by Geoff Keey | October 1, 2009

New Zealand got Fossil of the Day at the UN climate talks in Bangkok today after revealing that the Government’s 10% to 20% target is actually a nothing to 20% target. The Government’s Climate Change ambassador Adrian Macey admitted...

Asia leads in climate talks

Blog entry by Geoff Keey | September 29, 2009

After the first day of negotiations here in Bangkok it’s becoming clear that Asia is where the climate action’s at.  Japan has increased its target to 25%, which resulted in public praise from other delegations, in contrast to the...

Five elephants & a Chinese rock star

Blog entry by Geoff Keey | September 28, 2009

Southeast Asia is one of the world’s most vulnerable and least prepared regions of the world to face climate change.  So it’s very fitting that negotiators from around the world are gathering in Bangkok, Thailand, for the next two...

It's worse than we thought

Blog entry by Bob Harvey | September 25, 2009

My granddaughter Isla was christened recently. I stood by as she was blessed with prayers for her future, knowing her parents’ mix of pride and hope. Instead I felt fear. Fear for the world she would inherit. Fear she would never...

Activists hang off bridge at G20

Blog entry by Kathy Cumming | September 24, 2009

Greenpeace activists have spelt it out for the G20 leaders meeting in Pittsburgh. They're hanging off one of Pittsburgh’s iconic bridges with a massive banner reading: "Danger. Climate Destruction Ahead. Reduce CO2 Emissions Now".

Greenpeace takes climate action in Tauranga

Blog entry by Kathy Cumming | September 17, 2009

Check out what Greenpeace has been up to.  If you happen to watch TV, read newspapers or listen to the wireless, you'll probably know that 14 Greenpeace activists yesterday boarded a shipment of palm kernal in Tauranga, to protest...

Milkshakes at Bellamy’s?

Blog entry by geoff | September 15, 2009

I’m starting to wonder if there’s something a bit strange about the food they feed people at Parliament these days. The MPs are all acting up and acting strange. In fact, the last seven days have been downright bizarre when it comes...

"I've never hugged so many girls in one day"

Blog entry by Kathy Cumming | September 14, 2009

The unsung heroes of the Sign On campaign -  our committed volunteers- were at it again over the weekend, collecting hundreds of signatures out on the mean streets of Auckland. This time, they went polar. Donning Greenpeace's iconic...

Sign On web banners

Blog entry by nick | September 11, 2009

Good people! Gather round. We have a job for you and it's an important one. If you've got a website, a blog, your boss has a website, or maybe you've been thinking about getting one, we have BANNERS. Lots of glorious Sign on web...

Survival Is Not Negotiable: Calling The Young & Media Savvy

Blog entry by Gareth Hughes | September 4, 2009

Project Survival Media have launched a cool media initiative in the run up to Copenhagen. They are calling for young and aspiring journalists to take action and report on the most compelling climate stories from around the world. ...


Blog entry by Phil | September 1, 2009

I wonder what the powers that be at McDonalds are making of our recent expose on Fonterra’s role in rainforest destruction in Indonesia and Malaysia. According to yesterday’s Herald , Fonterra supplies a quarter of McDonalds’ dairy...

Why we went to jail for the climate

Blog entry by nick | September 1, 2009

Fed up with their Governments empty talk on climate change, six Greenpeace activists in India did something to a coal-power plant in 2007. They were arrested and thrown into jail. Two years later, this is their story, in their own words.

The countdown to Copenhagen

Blog entry by Nick Young | August 31, 2009

There are now less than 100 days remaining until the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen, where urgent action is needed by world leaders in order to save our climate. As the clock ticks, the cry for urgent action all over the world grows...

100,000 Sign Ons milestone reached. 100 Days to go

Blog entry by Gareth Hughes | August 28, 2009

We've hit the 100,000 plus figure and you can look above to see how high it is now (and growing). It's around three months ago since we launched the Sign On campaign at Lucy Lawless' place, so 100,000 in three months isn't too bad. ...

INVESTIGATION: Fonterra implicated in rainforest destruction

Blog entry by nick | August 23, 2009

A Greenpeace investigation has revealed that the iconic New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra is implicated in Indonesian and Malaysian rainforest destruction, dead orangutans and driving global greenhouse gas emissions. Read the...

Stupid, who us?

Blog entry by Kathy Cumming | August 20, 2009

In true Greenpeace style, last night’s Age of Stupid premier (co-hosted by ourselves and Oxfam) was a little seat of the pants. Less than an hour from show time, the green carpet hadn’t been rolled out, the carrots and celery...

NZ Govt likened to sheep in Bonn

Blog entry by Geoff Keey | August 12, 2009

Interesting to note that the NZ Government is claiming its emissions reduction target has gone down well at the UN climate talks here in Bonn. Frankly, that's untrue. At the beginning of day two of the negotiations, the NGOs...

NZ found blushing in the spotlight

Blog entry by Geoff Keey | August 11, 2009

I'm back in Bonn for the next round of UN climate talks. These were always going to be key talks for New Zealand because it's here we've dropped the bombshell of our target range . I have to say that when New Zealand's Climate Change...

Another Day, Another Coal Terminal

Blog entry by nick | August 5, 2009

Greenpeace activists have shut down coal loading at Hay Point Coal Terminal in Mackay, Queensland – one of the largest coal export terminals in the world. The 10 activists have scaled a 50-metre high coal loader and locked onto the...

Team New Zealand

Blog entry by Kathy Cumming | August 4, 2009

Go the Greens! Also tired of sitting around waiting for the Governement to investigate where and how emission reductions might actually be made in NZ, the Green Party has done some of its own analysis, and emerged with a clear message:...

Growing public support for climate action

Blog entry by Michael Tritt | August 3, 2009

Today’s Herald story on the results of the Shape NZ survey “Many want bolder emissions cuts” actually understates public support for cutting emissions. The Herald reported that “49 per cent wanted cuts of at least 20 per cent”. ...

Target talk hits the headlines

Blog entry by Kathy Cumming | July 27, 2009

If the phrase “40 by 2020” was foreign to New Zealanders last week, it’s certainly likely to mean more to them now. From TVNZ’s Q and A programme, to last night’s 6 o’clock news, to Newstalk ZB’s breakfast show, to all the major daily...

Waikato consultation – skeptics or equity: who will you listen to Dr Smith?

Blog entry by Gareth Hughes | July 14, 2009

Went down to Hamilton tonight for the latest instalment of Nick Smith’s climate targets roadshow – the public’s chance to have its say on what NZ’s 2020 target should be.  But I’m feeling more and more this is simply a PR exercise than...

Queenstown Consultation

Blog entry by Vivienne Hadlow | July 13, 2009

Last night we joined around 70 people from as far afield as Wanaka, Cromwell and Lumsden at the Queenstown climate change target consultation meeting. For many of those in attendance this was a rare opportunity; as Queenstown Lakes...

Auckland target consultation

Blog entry by Kathy | July 9, 2009

The Auckland target consultation meeting last night was full to the brim. By my rough calculations, about 450 people attended, including media, politicians, greenies and business people. Latecomers were forced to sit on the floor or...

A challenge to your city

Blog entry by Geoff Keey | July 7, 2009

11pm – Monday July 6 - I’ve just got home from the Wellington climate change target consultation. It rocked. I reckon over 400 people turned out; not bad for one week’s notice. Nearly everyone there backed an emissions reduction target...

Day one aboard the Esperanza

Blog entry by Keisha Castle-Hughes | June 23, 2009

Kia Orana! Here we are finally on the Esperanza. Man, it’s pretty amazing, not sure what I had expected but it has definitely blown my mind! It’s huge – and there is a fabulous crew on board. It’s very humbling to be around a group...

Last call from Susan Sarandon

Blog entry by nick | June 18, 2009

The final installment of a trilogy is out today. The last of the three Reasons to Believe films narrated by the charming and talented Ms Susan Sarandon has been released - ' Reasons to Believe: Servers '. These films give us three out...

Bonn negototiations take toll

Blog entry by geoff | June 12, 2009

I have to confess, I haven't achieved much today - illness and tiredness have caught up with me. There's a virus doing the rounds of delegates at the negotiations as we have all become more tired and it's got me. So I've had a quiet...

Bouquets in Bonn

Blog entry by Geoff Keey | June 5, 2009

Today the New Zealand delegation is getting a bouquet not a brick-bat. They made a very good intervention (short speech) in negotiations over the Kyoto Protocol.  It’ll take a bit to explain why it was a good thing, so bear with me...

Freezing people on World Environment Day

Blog entry by geoff | June 2, 2009

June 5 is World Environment Day and across New Zealand hundreds of people will “freeze” together to show united action for climate change. The Freeze will take place for 5 minutes at 1pm in cities throughout New Zealand - the exact...

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