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The Paradise Forests need your help.

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Photos and Videos

Page | April 13, 2006 at 13:30

Law Enforcement and Governance (FLEG)

Page | April 28, 2006 at 14:32

The Forest Law Enforcement and Governance (FLEG) process aims to combat the threats posed to forests by illegal logging, trade, poaching and corruption.


Hub | August 8, 2006 at 0:13

Partners in Paradise

Page | October 29, 2006 at 23:14

Greenpeace is working with several non-government organisations (NGOs) and local groups on the eco-forestry intitiative in Lake Murray. These groups include:

People of Paradise

Page | October 30, 2006 at 0:11

Millions of people live under the canopies of the Paradise Forests. These communities enjoy a relationship with the forests that we cannot even imagine. The cultural diversity of these communities is astonishing.

ARCH Around the world

Page | November 27, 2006 at 3:27

Eight thousand years ago, large tracts of ancient forest covered almost half the earth's land area. Today, only one fifth of the original forests remain as large areas of ancient forest, the rest having been destroyed, degraded or fragmented by...

The New Zealand connection

Page | November 28, 2006 at 1:03

While the New Zealand Government has set a positive example by banning logging in old growth forests on public land, unfortunately it still allows imports of illegally logged timber from our Asian and Pacific neighbours.

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