If anyone has ever sneered at the idea of slacktivism, 2016 would like to prove them wrong.

From fake news to echo chambers to trolls, this year, social media became more than just a “status update”. There are 1.79 billion active users on Facebook alone. If it were a nation, it would have surpassed China as the largest country by population. It can reach millions of people in a matter of seconds - faster than traditional media ever could.

One thing is for certain - social media is about people power.  At Greenpeace we've learnt the crucial role slacktivism plays in helping to strive for a green, just, and peaceful future. Your voice matters a great deal more than you could ever think - some social media posts have had a WAY bigger impact than we could’ve ever imagined, reaching millions upon millions of people, thanks to you!

Here are some of them..


1. More than 13 million people watched this video alone, making it one of our most popular pieces of the year. In July, Greenpeace East Asia ranked 30 global companies to see how they measured in terms of their commitment to phasing out microbeads. You can read about how they responded here.

People vs Arctic Oil

2. In a historic court case, Greenpeace, together with Nature & Youth, are suing the Norwegian government for allowing Statoil and other oil companies to expand oil drilling in the Arctic. You could be part of the generation that ends fossil fuels. Just a click away :)


3. So...how did they get that grand piano to the Arctic? Here's how. 


4. Did you know that up to 12 million tonnes of plastic enter the oceans each year and will take hundreds of years to degrade? Time to say NO to plastic pollution.


5. The Great Barrier Reef is currently under threat. We simply cannot have a healthy Reef and an expanding coal industry. Let’s keep coal in the ground - where it belongs.



6. From industrial agriculture to climate change to parasites, the bee decline is happening. The Bee-hives need you


7. Our consumer choices have an influence on the industries that drive pollution and overconsumption. Together, we can help break the cycle of overconsumption.


A single thought might not be that powerful. But a single thought, amplified by millions, can be earth-shattering.  So 2017, here’s to you. Here’s to your click! :)


Stefanus Wong is a Content Editor for Asia Pacific