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Ana Mules

Ana has a background in tv and zoology. She is proudly Ngai Tahu and fiercely loyal to Te Tai Tokerau (Hokianga Hard) where she was born and raised. Ana is a Communications Officer for Greenpeace New Zealand.

  • It's pretty flat out on the Arctic campaign these days and there often isn't much time to stop and reflect on things.

    But if the 2 year anniversary of what is possibly the defining environmental battleground of our time, and the incredible effort of millions of heroes from all walks of life who are at forefront of its defence, isn't worth a pause then nothing is. So let's take a little trip down Save the Arctic memory lane…

    Save the Arctic was born out of frustration stemming from inaction. The Arctic was under siege, with sea ice melting at such eye-opening rates that our global air conditioner was at risk of vanishing. Yet instead of being concerned by this in-your-face climate change warning and using it as a spur to take some real action, governments and companies were instead getting... Read more >

  • Sneaky buggers those forests. Hard to keep track of. One minute they’re there, next they aren’t… a bit like Members of Parliament. today’s opinion piece TV3’s Political Editor Paddy Gower asked: “Is Simon Bridges
    asleep on the job?” The fact that Bridges had to be told by a reporter that he had opened up the 200,000 hectare Victoria Forest Park on the West Coast for mining exploration in last week's block offer certainly smacks of a minister struggling and completely out of his depth.

    As far as Greenpeace is concerned there is no question - Simon Bridges is very much asleep at the wheel. This past year he has recovered (with a little help from his friends) from a series of ministerial near misses. He has demonstrated his incompetence time and time again. But this is a serious wakeup ca...

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  • Reality bytes

    Blogpost by Ana Mules - March 28, 2014 at 15:14

    Momma do the laundry, momma pay the bills, momma cook the food, yo, I ain’t going nowhere. Simply because I can’t.

    Life has just got a bit too hard for our youth - growing up means death by debt. House debt, educational debt, iDebt.

    So why not flag adulthood. Party more. Update the Facebook profile. Stalk hot Tinder chicks on that smart phone you can’t really afford. Scoff some nachos. That’s what a Millennial would do.

    Kim Dotcom launched his Internet Party yesterday and he’s hunting the youth. The Millennial’s, whom many parties have wined and dined but failed to score. It’s a collection of bright, remarkable people that have just as much to offer as any other group of New Zealanders of any other generation, but due to unfortunate timing they find themselves stuck in an impossible rut.... Read more >

  • Simon’s Story

    Blogpost by Ana Mules - November 26, 2013 at 16:59

    Every man has a story. A history.

    Here are a few blokes you may recognise, and the stories that define them:

    The Rock

     A man of his word. Reliable. A muck in kinda bloke - the guy you call when you need a hand with one of those stink jobs only the top buggers can handle. Like babysitting an incontinent dog. Or moving a piano.

    Mr Cucumber

    He doesn't lose his cool. He's zen as. Whether it’s navigating the tinny through choppy waters, or saving a barbie of snarlers from a mini inferno, this guy's a steady hand. He always knows what to do, and do it he does. Without a flap or a fuss. 

    The Staunch Fella

    He knows who he is. He has morals. He remembers what his grandparents taught him about respect. Respect of people, of place. Money can’t buy him.

    There are many other types of blokes. T... Read more >

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