Q'orianka Kilcher

You're going out. First thing you do is decide what to wear, right?

You decide on your look, you check in the mirror, (maybe change and check in the mirror and again a few times...) and then you're ready. We do the same when we're shopping -- we decide. We can influence what clothes are sold and how they are made to some degree as consumers, but it's when we engage as citizens and activists that the real change happens.

Right now, water around the world is being poisoned by hazardous chemicals coming from industrial sources. One of the main sources of this pollution is the textile industry, which uses a lot of chemicals to make the clothes we wear.

The Detox campaign is focused on getting top clothing brands to take responsibility for the pollution that their products and suppliers make and calling for fashion without pollution. Like Greenpeace, I feel passionately that the clothes we wear shouldn’t cost the earth.

After all, there are some things we all need for our survival on this beautiful planet, including a healthy environment and clean water! So it only makes sense to exercise our great power as consumers and activists and let our favorite clothing brands know that “Toxic Fashion” is so last season.

Last Friday at my debut concert in Santa Monica, my bandmates and I all wore Detox tattoos and t-shirts in support of this fantastic campaign. Best of all we also had many of our fans sport one of the temporary tattoos and get up on stage with us to make a unified statement for a toxic-free world! The "X" in the "Detox" tattoo we wore is the Chinese symbol for water -- a precious resource we all share, and something that also touches all of our lives no matter where we are from.

Q'orianka Kilcher and her band donning the Detox tattoo

Q'orianka Kilcher and her band donning the Detox tattoo

Join us

If you are like me and believe that beautiful fashion shouldn’t cause toxic water pollution, then get involved with the Detox campaign.

Q'orianka Kilcher is an American actress, singer and activist. She joined Greenpeace forests campaigners on the Rainbow Warrior earlier this year to take action to protect the Amazon.