There's been some debate recently about the cost of setting emission reduction targets. To debate the costs is to have the wrong debate. It should be about the potential profit of emissions targets.

New Zealand's biggest industries - agriculture and tourism - trade off the back of New Zealand being known as pure.  My business 42 BELOW succeeded on the streets of London, New York and Shanghai because it was perceived as coming from a very pure place. Bacardi paid $138 million for a New Zealand Vodka - not a Singapore Vodka, a Chicago Vodka or a Sydney vodka.  We have purity credentials most countries don't.

By being a leader in environmental protection we can grow and profit. But we have to be in the front of the pack. 40% by 2020 gets us close to being a leader. 15%, as is being discussed by the Government, puts us at the very rear of the field.

Let's lead something; something we must stand for.  If we don't stand for a very special, unique and pure place - what do we stand for?  "New Zealand- 65 percent pure"?  It just doesn't have the same ring for New Zealand's tourism campaign. We can be bolder than that. If not for pride alone, then for the country's bottom line. 

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- Geoff Ross

Geoff Ross is a successful Kiwi entrepreneur, and founder of 42 BELOW Vodka.  He describes himself as "a right wing capitalist who voted National and wants all New Zealanders to make lots of money." He is a Sign On ambassador and, like you, he supports 40 per cent emission reductions by 2020 on 1990 levels.