Decision 2014 is over. When the dust settles on the craziest election campaign in recent memory, what will we say about this wild ride? We’ll say that 1 million people voted for John Key. And we’ll say that 1 million people didn’t vote at all. Everything else, it turned out, was a side show.

Monday night on Campbell Live, John Key gave his ‘state of the union address.’

Looking relaxed in front of the cameras Key laid out his five areas of focus for the next three years.

“What the public want me to do is, on behalf of leading the Government, is get out there and say, okay, the core issues that matter; Economic prosperity, education for their kids, housing of young New Zealanders, our outward place in the world, the environment and how we preserve and enhance that. Show me the plan and the pathway for delivering better results in all of those areas.”

When asked if he had a plan to deliver on these promises, Key said “Yes. We have that.”

Prime Minister Key has a real challenge in front of him. There are people from within the National Party who are calling the election results ‘a mandate for more fracking, drilling and mining’.

We have to let the Prime Minister know that we won’t make life easy for him if he chooses to listen to the voices from the far right of his party and ignore the promises he made to us, the New Zealand public.

Let’s hold John Key to account. Let’s keep him to his promises and make sure he delivers on all of his five promises;

Economic prosperity,
Education for our kids,
Housing for young New Zealanders,
New Zealand’s place in the world,
Protecting the environment.

Good luck John. We’re watching you.

Join the Hikoi against Deep Sea Drilling - Tuesday 30th September at Noon - Britomart, Auckland