It’s not quite snakes on planes, but Greenpeace’s new advertising campaign featuring cows on buses certainly gives new meaning to the term “movable feast” (if you’re not a vegetarian that is). The ads are intended to highlight the work we’re doing on climate change and agriculture.

The making of cows on buses Designed by global ad agency Mojo, they use the exhaust smoke of the buses to great effect – when the bus smokes, it looks like the smoke is coming out of the cow’s mouth. In other words - methane! (Remember the “fart tax” was a misnomer, almost all methane emissions from cows come from belching). greepeacebus081.jpg

Turns out getting just the right shot of a New Zealand cow munching on pasture then putting it on the back of a bus is easier said than done. Thankfully our poster-cow Lynn (the Demi Moore of the bovine world) was impeccably behaved. We escorted her, her two minders and a photographer to a farm south of Auckland one mild spring morning in September and bribed her with cow biscuits to get the grazing angle just right.

The buses hit the road today – one in Auckland and one in Wellington.

We've also launched an exciting new section on our website (, looking at how New Zealand farmers can farm in a less emissions-intensive way.