I’m currently sitting in one of the main meeting rooms at the climate change negotiations in Bonn while a major drama is unfolding – one that will determine the fate of New Zealand’s agriculture proposal in these talks.

Two days ago, one part of the negotiations called the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) had a meltdown resulting in the loss of proposals from New Zealand (agriculture) South Africa and the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) on their 1.5 degrees warming target during a closed (secret) meeting. Today in an open plenary session (open to observers like myself and the media), AOSIS attempted to resurrect the proposal. Country after country responded as follows:

  • Barbados. (AOSIS) Made the proposal to look at 1.5
  • Colombia. Support
  • Malawi. We are one of the most vulnerable countries and support and support Barbbados and Colombia.
  • Philipines. Support for AOSIS
  • NZ. Support
  • Bangladesh. Strongly support
  • EU. Support proposal
  • Saudí Arabia. Opposes
  • South Africa. Supports AOSIS
  • Australia. Supports AOSIS.
  • Lesotho (for Least Developed Countries). Supports
  • Panamá. Supports AOSIS
  • Chair. There is no consensus

Barbados. Thanks to the countries and groups that expressed support. Made a personal appeal to Saudí Arabia, you've heard the request of the most vulnerable members of your group, countries in the Caribbean, Latin America just want to make a personal appeal to join this consensus. The message that you are sending would be an extremely unfortunate signal to this process... Our proceedings are being followed all around the world and it is on us to demonstrate a willing, concern to those most vulnerable. Before we give up on a paper that will inform decision and provide information to countries sometimeswith no access, we urge you to join a consensus. Thank you.

  • Kuwait: supports Saudi Arabia
  • Norway. Supports AOSIS
  • Tuvalu. Calls for a suspension to allow time
  • Bahamas. Supports Tuvalu
  • South Africa. Supports Tuvalu and Barbadoes
  • Chile. Supports Barbados and also the solution offered by Tuvalu.
  • Saudi Arabia. In the “spirit of consensus” Saudi Arabia agrees with proposal subject to inserting highly inflammatory language
  • Chair: Meeting suspended (to allow private negotiations).

So good on NZ for supporting AOSIS on the 1.5 degree review. At time of writing negotiations are ongoing in private. New Zealand’s agriculture text looks unlikely to proceed.


Update: There's a new compromise text (apears to exclude agriculture) being proposed and the countries are arguing over it. OPEC countries attacking - Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc Chair, South Africa and Peru trying to find a way forwards. Chair proposing a meeting.

Geoff Keey reporting from Bonn May from 350 is twittering updates from Bonn http://twitter.com/mayboeve