Despite (and thanks to) Nestle's attempt to supress our Kit Kat video it has now been viewed around  750,000 and over 100,000 e-mails have been sent to Nestlé.

Yet Mr. Bulcke is failing to address the concerns that people like you have raised about Nestlé's continued use of palm oil from rainforest destruction.

Have you already sent your message? If not, please add your voice – let Nestlé and Mr. Bulcke know that they are not doing enough to stop palm oil from destroyed forests and peatlands from being used in their products.

If you’ve already sent your e-mail and are ready to do more to ask Nestlé to give rainforests a break – then please join others in picking up the phone.

People began to make direct calls to Nestlé customer service lines all over the world on Wednesday and the calls are continuing now! Click here to find all the information you need to talk to Nestlé directly – plus some of the experiences shared by those who have already made their phone calls.

The support for this campaign has been amazing over the past week! Views on our video are still rising – please continue to share it with your online networks. The more people who see this video, e-mail the company, and pick up the phone, the more pressure Nestlé will feel to act.

Keep it up!

Thank you again from everyone at Greenpeace working - together with you - on making the Kit Kat campaign such a success.

You can find out more about what others have been doing to support this campaign online here.