Foggy view of Broadback forest 16 Aug, 2009 © Greenpeace

The Broadback Valley is one of the last intact forests in Quebec, Canada. For hundreds of kilometres, there’s not a road, not a clearcut, not a mine, not a power line, not a pipeline…just pure wilderness.

And without protection, this pristine forest may soon be gone forever.

That’s because earlier this year, the Quebec government failed to ensure adequate protection of the land, opening the door for new roads in this intact forest. The Quebec and Canadian governments are bending over backwards to support the Quebec logging industry—even teaming up with the logging industry to invest in marketing campaigns to try and clean up their image.

Clearcut in Cree Territory in Broadback Valley 19 Aug, 2015 © Greenpeace

But hope is not lost. The Broadback Valley is the ancestral land of the Cree Nation of Waswanipi, an Indigenous community that has vowed to fight against industrial logging in their forests.

The Waswanipi Cree are sounding the alarm for the Broadback—and in collaboration with Greenpeace Canada—they are stepping up to tell their story to the world.

Listen as the Waswanipi Cree explain what it would mean if forestry companies were to log inside the remaining forest, and catch a glimpse of the beautiful Broadback Valley they are working to protect.

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 Seeing the breadth of destruction that has already occurred by industrial logging and associated roads, Don Saganash, a local tallyman who safeguards the forest, rivers and lakes sends a clear message to any company wanting to log here: “My land is not for sale.”

The Cree First Nation of Waswanipi is now more determined than ever to protect the rest of its land. The Broadback Valley is the last 10 percent of unspoiled forest that remains. And it’s easy to understand why it's so precious. The forest is at the heart of the Waswanipi identity, and cutting down these trees means destroying their culture and way of life.

Let’s stand together and join this brave community who are fighting to protect ancestral land. Share this video and their story with your friends and family.

Don Saganash in Boreal Forest near the Broadback River 19 Aug, 2015 © Greenpeace

Marie Moucarry is a Communication Officer for Greenpeace Canada’s forest campaign.