All is very quiet on the good ship this morning. Half the troops have abandoned their posts! Usually at this hour the mess is filled with blurry-eyed Greenpeacers, but today it is just Tapio, mad Finnish engineer, talking about the vagaries of onboard filter coffee.

So where is everyone? Sometime late yesterday, about 15 people packed themselves into a couple of mini-vans. Sleeping bags were thrown in the back, along with spades. One girl had a very nice brand-spanking new navy blue spade. I had a surge of spade envy, mainly because I don’t even own one, let alone a shiny blue one.

There was talk of a dairy in the forest. They were heading North, they said, to a land where morning meant a chorus of cows, but trees were scarce. Some people were dressed in Swandries. And everyone seemed excited. I waved them off.

"Good luck with your tools!" I yelled.