Tonight on TV3's The Vote, along with Russell Norma and Manu Caddie I’m going up against representatives of the oil drilling and mining industry to debate the question: "Does NZ need more mining?"

In the face of new coal mining approvals given for conservation land and dangerous deep sea drilling about to start later this summer, the answer should obviously be a pretty loud ‘NO!’ and now we have the chance to make our voices heard.

Pushing our economy further towards mining, drilling and fracking is the wrong direction for New Zealand for many reasons. But, we’re not trying to ‘hold back progress’ - far from it  - New Zealand has the choice now to move towards a clean economy which is better for long term sustainability and prosperity, better for jobs and better for the climate. That would be progress. Put simply, the global market for clean technologies is valued at more than five trillion dollars and green energy creates four time more jobs than oil. It’s not a choice between the economy and the environment - we can safeguard the future of both by making sustainable choices now.

The question ‘Does NZ need more mining?’ is vitally important for New Zealanders. Decisions are being taken for the nation without consultation. As our democratic right to protest is being impeded, tonight offers a forum for you to have your say.

If we all make our voices heard tonight on The Vote, it will send a powerful message to the government. Join us at 8:30pm and help spread the clean economy message by taking action during the show. I’ll be arguing as strongly as can but it’s YOUR contribution that will help decide the outcome of tonight


From 8.30pm tonight (Wednesday the 6th of November) you can...


TEXT: Send ‘NO’ to 3920 (Vodafone & Telecom 20c, 2 Degrees 9c)


WEB: On you can also say ‘NO’


FACEBOOK: Go to The Vote’s Facebook Page and say ‘NO’






If you’d like to know more about our clean economy report called 'The Future is Here' or the potential risks of deep sea drilling, please check out these links: