Greenpeace, along with a bunch of other organisations, has announced an anti-mining march for May 1st in Auckland. See for more information.

When the Government announced its intention to mine New Zealand’s prime conservation land, including some of our matchless National Parks, an almost palpable unease swept the country. “Get out of town,” we said. The whole proposal was just so… un-Kiwi. Indeed, it’s one of the most outstandingly brash and presumptuous things the National Government has had the audacity to table since coming into power and certainly the most aggressive challenge to New Zealand’s “clean green” values and brand in recent history.

The mining plans are the tip of an ugly iceberg. They’re symbolic of the Key Government’s primordial approach to economic development, but they are far from the only example of it. You just need to look at coal expansion plans gearing up under its watch, to its upending of water conservation efforts for the sake of industrial dairying to its overall energy priorities to its take take take approach to fisheries management to see that this is an administration hell bent on putting short term gain over the long-term well-being of the economy and the environment.

Part of the schedule 4 proposals is mining 3,000 ha of the Paparoa National Park for coal, which is likely to be burnt domestically by dairy giant Fonterra. As Greenpeace ambassador Robyn Malcolm says it’s like the Government has never heard of climate change.

Taking to the jewels in our crown with diggers is a bad move, and New Zealanders know it, including National Party supporters. A poll shortly after the announcement was made showed the plans had turned a significant number of them against the government. One in six National voters was sufficiently upset by proposed changes to mining rules that they would not vote for the government "if an election were held tomorrow".

Others were keen to vote with more than their pen. People said what was needed was a big, public and visible demonstration of opposition to this foolhardy assault on our environment.

Wellington did it.

And now it’s Auckland’s turn! It’s time to tell the Government that what they’re proposing is about as bright as digging up your front lawn to locate a $1 coin.

Join us in a huge march up Queen Street, May 1st, at 11am. Everything you need to know is here.

Bring your family, friends, peers, bank teller, bus driver, and your love of this beautiful country we call home.