MangaA right-wing publication in Japan has made a manga cartoon of the Tokyo Two trial with their own twist on the proceedings - clearly taking the side of the whaling industry.

This defensive spin is something we always take as a good sign because when we provoke this kind of reaction - we're being taken seriously as a threat. The right-wing media's obvious resistance to putting government corruption in the spotlight just demonstrates how far we've come with this case already and we haven't even brought witnesses to the stand yet.

What's funny is that they portray the support for the Greenpeace case with "silence" at the end. Now either someone isn't paying close enough attention or they are trying to convince the Japanese public that nobody is supporting Junichi and Toru despite overwhelming support from more than 400,000 people across the world since Juichi and Toru were arrested. This included human rights groups such as Amnesty International, Nobel Prize Winners Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Betty Williams together with celebrities such as Bryan Adams, William Shatner, Thandie Newton and Benicio Del Toro.

Now you see why they are feeling threatened right?

Most disturbing though is a mention of the fact that a working group of the UN Human Rights Council found the Japanese government to be in breach of a series of international human rights agreements when they detained the Tokyo Two - but then the cartoon seems to totally dismiss this with the assertion that Junichi and Toru are guilty of trespass and theft of a box - as if to say "these crazy vigilantes don't even know what justice means!"

Of course what they don't mention is that this box was labeled "cardboard" and full of smuggled prime cuts of whalemeat. They don't mention that this box was the incriminating icing on top of a mountain of evidence, presented to the Tokyo Prosecutor by Junichi and Toru, that sent the whaling industry into a defensive frenzy.

No - of course not. Why would they want to illustrate the truth?

Thankfully though - we've already done it.

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