Crowd Scene
Crowd Scene
It’s being called the biggest U.S. protest on climate change — hundreds of activists have gathered around the tiny coal-fired power plant in Washington that heats and cools the halls of power. The 99-year old facility that powers Capitol Hill may be small in size, but it’s symbolic of the challenges ahead for the US congress when it comes to climate and energy. Barack Obama is promising reductions in greenhouse gases, and to clean up US energy, yet his administration is still making cups of tea and watching the TV news care of the Government’s own little Huntly.

See the action unfolding live here:

A coalition of over 90 groups has come together to call for and end to coal and a future founded on clean energy. They’ve come from all corners of the progressive movement - international environmental organizations, grassroots climate justice groups, frontline communities most impacted by climate change and fossil fuels, faith-based organizations and many more.

The Capitol Climate Action is the largest mass mobilization on global warming in the country's history and reflects the growing public demand for bold action to address the climate and energy crises. It’s also being seen as an early opportunity to see if Civil Society will be able to put real pressure on the new Presidential administration.

As i write this blog, Dr. James Hansen, one of the world's leading climate scientists, is speaking at the rally. "The Capitol Climate Action comes not a moment too soon. For more than thirty years, scientists, environmentalists and people from all walks of life have urged our leaders to take action to stop global warming; and that action has yet to come.

"Coal is the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the country and that must change. The world is waiting for the Obama administration and Congress to lead the way forward on this defining issue of our time. They need to start by getting coal out of Congress."

"This demonstration marks the beginning of a sustained effort to draw a line in the sand against this dirty and dangerous fuel," said Matt Leonard of Greenpeace, which is helping to organize the protest. "Our leaders cannot promise us a healthy and prosperous future as long as coal is polluting our soil, water and atmosphere

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