As the delegates at the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission meeting in Korea negotiate tuna into extinction. Our oceans team over there have been asking them to fill out this survey:


Your scientists tell you to end overfishing by reducing effort by 30%. Do you: a) thank your scientists and reduce fishing effort by 30% b) say “nya-nya-nya I can’t hear you” and continue fishing at current levels c) pretend you’re being responsible while in fact negotiating another year of 20% overfishing

You watch another fisheries commission fail miserably to save their stock from collapse and instead head towards commercial extinction. Do you: a) learn from their mistakes and end overfishing immediately b) follow them blindly in ignoring their scientists c) imagine that you are different, your oceans are different and somehow you can continue overfishing without the same thing happening here

You discover that part of your fishing area is riddled with pirates and they are stealing fish from your legal fishing fleets. Do you: a) ban fishing in those areas to flush the pirates out of your ocean b) put in place even more complicated measures to create loopholes for the pirates to exploit c) negotiate on behalf of your pet pirates and stop any measures being adopted that might upset them

What proportion of your delegation has vested interests in the fishing industry? a) 0-40% b) 40-60% c) more than 60%

Where would you advise your fishing industry to invest their profits? a) sound science and a sustainable management plan b) more boats and bigger boats c) parrots, eye patches and wooden legs