Good wood purchasing guide

Page - January 11, 2007
Before you go shopping and buy wood products, use the guide below to check you are buying forest friendly wood.
  1. Look for, and ask for, products with credible certification such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood. The FSC logo on your wood is your guarantee that the product comes from responsibly managed forests. This is good wood, and is OK to buy.
  2. Or, check the wood is from verified recycled, reused or recovered wood, or is community eco-timber. This is good wood, and is OK to buy.   
  3. If it is not '1' or '2' above, then is it from a plantation (such as New Zealand grown eucalypts, cypresses, mahogany from Fiji, or rubberwood from Asia), a legal forest source, or in transition to FSC certification (such as TFT)? Ask the company for credible proof of this.  This is transitional good wood and OK to buy if '1' & '2' are not available.   
  4. For all other wood products, especially hardwoods and New Zealand native timbers, if the company cannot provide you with information about the country of origin, species, legality and certification, then assume it is from an illegal and destructive source.DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.