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The Paradise Forests need your help.

Page - March 31, 2006

Brian Baring


My name is Brian Baring, I grew up in a traditional village in the Paradise Forests of Papua New Guinea. My people have relied on the forest for their daily needs for generations.

The forest is our supermarket, our water tap, our green-grocers and our medicine cabinet. It gives us the food we eat, the water we drink, the medicine for when we are sick and shelter from the heat and the rain.

The forest is our life.

But right now, as you read this message, my home is being destroyed. European companies are importing timber products made from the forests stolen from my country. By allowing my people's stolen forest to be imported into Europe, our way of life, the forest and the amazing plants and animals in the forest are destroyed. I have seen the impact of forest destruction on my people and on my land.

I am in Europe now to ask you and your governments to stop buying timber stolen from my home. Please help and send this letter to Peter Mandelson, the European Commissioner for trade and ask him to implement legislation to stop the import of illegal and destructive timber into Europe.

Time is running out for the forest and my people.

Thank you for your support,


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